2 1/2 Day Intensive Version Of Instant Miracle Mastery Event

Master These 4 Powerful Healing Techniques And Help Change The World For Your Friends, Family, And Even High Paying Clients As An Extraordinary Professional Coach or Healer

Discover What It Feels Like To Coach In A Way That’s So Powerful Your Ideal, High End Clients Will Send You Everyone They Know..


If you want the rare ability to instantly heal and release the biggest blocks keeping you from quickly becoming your most infinite, most powerful self – and you want to be able to do the same for your clients too, this is the most important letter you will ever read.

People have often asked me how I can charge $100,000 per day for my coaching, and what I do during those sessions to make it that valuable.
During this live event, I’m going to share with you the exact techniques I use that make my clients happy to continually invest thousands and thousands of dollars to work with me.

Of course, you don’t need to charge what I charge. The important thing is that by mastering these four miraculous healing techniques your coaching will become so valuable that you could charge that much, or more, if you wanted to.

Being a high end coach isn’t just about your sales and marketing, although that’s an important part of the process. It’s also about creating deep, immediate results for your clients. When your clients can quickly achieve results that they may not have believed were possible before they started working with you, you will come to be known as one of the most powerful coaches on Earth.

Instant Miracle™ Mastery gives you the tools you need to create massive breakthroughs in your life, and in your clients’ lives. You will walk away from this ultra-powerful event with the rare ability to instantly reprogram your subconscious mind – your ‘inner game’ – as you eliminate deep blocks and barriers that keep you from moving forward fast in your business and life.

Ever Wonder If You’re Really
Good Enough To Be A High End Coach…?

I certainly did! I used to think I needed to have the perfect body, millions of dollars, be super-productive & have perfect relationships in order to dare to call myself a ‘life-coach’.

The truth is, I’ve been blessed with most of that ‘stuff’ now, but along the way I realized that you don’t need any of that to attract high end clients.

It’s not how amazing your life is externally that people pay for: It’s how amazing your mindset is INTERNALLY that attracts all of those things, and lets clients know that you’re the person who can turn their life or business around.

So, how do you create the kind of incredible mindset that makes you one of the most powerfully attractive people on the planet…

And how can you help your clients develop it for themselves too…?


2 ½ Day Intensive


  • How to easily let go of negative emotions & hurt feelings as soon as they come up. A lot of other techniques are impractical & you don’t feel like doing them when a crisis hits. This will become your go-to self-healing technique any time life gets you down.
  • How to coach clients to use the Peace Process to quickly help them resolve any issue or hang-up, in any context, no matter how resistant they are to it at first. (Note: when you do this, their resistance will melt away and they’ll love your coaching sessions even more)
  • Peace Process Mastery Level – new distinctions and keys to make this incredible technique even more effective and let your clients release negative emotional patterns that have been holding them back for years.


  • What if there was a way to instantly get to the Truth underneath a client’s story so you could quickly eliminate their inner blocks? That’s exactly what this technique does.
  • Discover this extremely powerful way to quickly get to the bottom of any inner unconscious blocks and for supercharging your intuition so you always make the most powerful decisions (ask anyone on my team – I use this technique all the time before making big or small decisions in my business).
  • Get so confident in ‘kinesiology’ or ‘Muscle Testing’ that you can do it on your own, so you can work with clients remotely over the phone, Skype or Zoom without them even knowing how you’re getting to the truth & eliminating their inner blocks so quickly!


  • Discover how you can instantly release your clients biggest inner blocks that are sabotaging their attempts to change their lives (and clear out your own ‘stuff’ before you leave the event).
  • Be gifted with this energy-healing technique so you can heal your own insecurities, limiting beliefs, self-doubts & negative emotions that have been sabotaging your success.
  • Become infinitely abundant – heal up anything that’s blocking the flow of love, health, & wealth towards you.


  • This powerful healing technique is like Reiki ‘on steroids’. You’ll quickly discover the power of energy healing & how it can relieve life-long blocks and patterns of self-sabotage.
  • Experience the power of Infinite Love & learn to receive all the love & appreciation your inner-child has been crying out for all these years.
  • If you’ve never done energy-healing work before, you’ll be blown away by what happens the first time you start noticing the healing energy that you have the ability to gift the people around you.


  • How to quickly help a client connect the dots between the goal or challenge they have and the 4 super-powerful healing techniques that can permanently resolve them. (NOTE: This includes exactly what to say & do during your coaching sessions to make each one worth thousands of dollars)
  • The Magic Questions – including how to get your client to recognize the value of how incredibly powerful coaching with you really is… especially when you use these IM techniques.
  • Leave this event certified as an “Instant Miracle™ Master.” I have total certainty that I can help you master all of these techniques during this training. I know that by the time you leave you’ll be so good I can certify you as one of our elite “Instant Miracle™” Masters.

How The Instant Miracle™ Mastery Training Works…

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the training actually works & why I’m so certain we can get you certified in such a short space of time…

  • Gain Massive Experience – You’ll be learning and using these techniques with the other participants over the course of 4 days in a small group, led by me personally to make certain that by the end of it, you reach total mastery.
  • I’ll supervise you as you’re performing new techniques with other participants and give you feedback to fine-tune your approach.
  • I will do whatever I need to, to make sure you’re completely qualified to facilitate all of these super-powerful coaching techniques.
  • I’ll be on hand, completely available to answer any questions you have.
  • All the while, you’ll be working on & helping others through ‘real stuff’, so you’ll have many, many personal breakthroughs all the way through the event.
  • By the end of the event, you’ll receive 4 separate certifications proving that you have attained a level of mastery of each of the 4 “Instant Miracle™” techniques. If you’re not quite ready or confident in the techniques, we’ll do everything we can to get you personal coaching during the event to get you there.

NOTE: At this event I’ll be looking for more coaches to potentially add to my team – using these techniques is the ‘secret sauce’ to why our clients are so successful. This event is the ONLY place I look to get coaches for my team.


Book your room at the special group rate and wake up at this resort enveloped by tropical landscaping.

Reflect on the massive shifts you’ve had and breakthroughs you’ve experienced while you relax in the luxurious Jacuzzi and pool oasis.

Connect, network, and mastermind with your new friends and potential joint venture partners at one the in-house restaurants.

June 25th - 27th
Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

Imagine what it will be like when you can work through your own blocks & barriers at light speed…

You’ll use everything you learn at the event on yourself and blast through anything that’s stopping you from accumulating massive amounts of wealth, health, inner-peace & happiness.

In fact…

  • You’ll have 20-50 major breakthroughs in many different areas of your life & business right during this event.
  • Losing weight, healing your body, and staying in shape will become a way of life, that doesn’t take effort to maintain.
  • Attracting & maintaining an amazing relationship with your life partner will become way smoother, easier & more fun.
  • Attracting clients, making money and accumulating wealth will become effortless.
  • Anything that’s ever held you back in any area of your life can be uncovered and resolved during this 4-day event.
  • These are the tools that will turn you into one of the very best coaches in the world with the confidence and certainty to attract high-end clients practically on demand.

  • These are tools that you’ll be using for the rest of your life to work through your own challenges with speed, grace & courage.

What If I’m Not A ‘Coach’ – Should I Still Attend…?

I believe every single person on planet Earth needs to go through this training, so they can receive the healing, transform their life & then uplift their family, friends, workplace & everyone they’re blessed to touch.

If you want to let go of all the insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubts and negative emotions that are keeping you from achieving your highest potential & reaching your dreams, this event is for you.


Instead of spending 4 years of your life and $75,000 (or more) to get a college degree that prepares you for a regular job, you can invest just 4 days and $10,000 for the tools that will make you one of the most powerful coaches on Earth and turn you into a rapid growing and rapid achieving machine.

But you won’t even have to pay $10,000. I want to do something awesome for you, so right now you can come to Instant Miracle Mastery for a very generous price.

NOTE: The next “Instant Miracle Mastery” training won’t be held until November 2021. Register now.

TOTAL VALUE: $22,000.00
INVESTMENT: $10,000 $4,997

The Instant Miracle™ Mastery Guarantee

You will be absolutely thrilled to learn these powerful coaching and healing techniques or your money back.

If after attending the entire first 1st day, you don’t absolutely love what you’re learning and all of the healing happening, just let my team know before the end of the third day and you can leave the event with a full refund.

Note: You won’t receive your certifications, and you’ll need to return all materials.

TOTAL VALUE: $22,000.00
INVESTMENT: $10,000 $4,997

June 25th - 27th
Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

PLUS… You get these incredible bonuses when you register now…

Bonus #1: Instant Miracle™ Healing & Abundance Vault

Inside your member’s area you will receive access to the recordings of every Instant Miracle™ Experience and every Instant Miracle™ Mastery live event ever – including the 2019 recordings…

  • Enjoy over 200 powerful hours of healings, breakthroughs, inspiration and transformation
  • Become fully immersed in the IM coaching/healing techniques and use them to help you (and your clients) make miracles happen in your life
  • See me 1-1 on stage with a variety of people as they work through their biggest fears, doubts, insecurities, and physical conditions
  • Reprogram yourself for infinite abundance

Value: $10,000.00

Bonus #2: 1:1 Instant Miracle™ Healing Session

With this bonus you’ll work with one of my certified, highly trained, hand-picked coaches to heal, clear, and excel in the coming year. You will enjoy…

  • Miraculous Wealth
  • Miraculous Health
  • Miraculous Love-Life
  • Miraculous Business Growth
  • Miraculous Time Freedom

Value: $2,000.00

Bonus #3: Instant Miracle™ Mastery Private Facebook Group

Be a part of this close-knit community of IM masters. Inside our exclusive group, you will…

  • Connect with other certified IM masters from all across the world
  • Receive healing from the group whenever challenges come up
  • Send healing to others who need support
  • And much, much more…

Value: Priceless

Total Bonuses Value: $12,000.00

Join Us In A Beautiful, Inspiring, Uplifting, Heart-Warming Environment As We Work Together To Transform Your Life

This event is more of a retreat than a course. You’ll experience deeper levels of relaxation & bliss than you may have ever known before. You’ll be spending time outside in the beautiful sunshine of Miami Beach, soaking in the deep wisdom & insights that most people will never know.

And you’ll make deep, lasting connections with some of the sweetest, most loving human beings on earth – your fellow participants.

Become An Extraordinary Coach and Amazing Healer, Attract High End Clients, And Enjoy A Lifetime of Light Speed Personal Growth In 1 of the Most Powerful Weeks of Your Life – For Less Than The Amount Your Next New Client Is Going to Pay You…

This event will make you a more powerful coach, help you attract more clients, and make you a more powerful person. It will change your life & your business forever, but you only have to pay for it one time.

Here’s What You Get When You Take Action Today…

Ticket to Instant Miracle™ Mastery $10,000.00
Bonus #1: Instant Miracle™ Healing And Abundance Vault $10,000.00
Bonus #2: 1:1 Instant Miracle™ Healing Session $2,000.00
Bonus #3: Instant Miracle Mastery Private Facebook Group Priceless
TOTAL VALUE $22,000.00

TOTAL VALUE: $22,000.00

INVESTMENT: $10,000 $4,997

June 25th - 27th
Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

Here Are Real Facebook Comments From Our Previous Grads Right After Attending Our Last Live Training…

Once you register, I will send you your welcome email with the event details.

This is the last chance to attend Instant Miracle™ Mastery and become a certified “Extraordinary Coach” until November 2021.

Register now.
See You Soon!

TOTAL VALUE: $22,000.00

INVESTMENT: $10,000 $4,997

June 25th - 27th
Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

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