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Celebrate The 10 Year Anniversary Of Instant Miracle Mastery With A Free Ticket And Master The 4 Powerful Healing Techniques So You Can Change The Lives Of Your Friends, Family, And Even High Paying Clients

Discover what it feels like to coach in a way that’s so powerful, your ideal, high end clients will send you everyone they know.


I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’m having a massive event that’s taking place on February 15-18, 2024. It’s called Instant Miracle Mastery, and it’s filling up fast.

This one is special because it’s the 10th anniversary of Instant Miracle Mastery, and I want you to be a part of it. 

So, to celebrate, I’m giving you a free ticket since you’re a past attendee of Instant Miracle Mastery II.

During this event, I’m going to do a deep dive into the following healing techniques that’ll turn you into an extraordinary coach:

  • The Peace Process, which will help you quickly resolve any issue or hang-up, in any context, no matter how resistant they are to it at first
  • Muscle Testing, where you can instantly get to the Truth underneath a client’s story so you can quickly eliminate their inner blocks
  • The Instant Miracle Technique, which will help you instantly release the inner blocks that are sabotaging your client’s attempts to change their lives
  • High-Frequency Energy Healing, where you can quickly relieve life-long blocks and patterns of self-sabotage in your clients

The best part is you’ll leave this event as a Certified Instant Miracle™ Coach. You can use that certification to promote yourself and become one of the very best coaches in the world with the confidence and certainty to attract high end clients practically on demand.

Plus, you’ll be able to blast through anything that’s stopping you from accumulating massive amounts of wealth, health, inner peace and happiness.

Join Me LIVE In Orlando, FL, And Get A More Immersive Experience!

You can come for free to the Instant Miracle Mastery virtual event and get tons of breakthroughs. But, what if you could join me LIVE in Orlando, Florida, so that you can meet your fellow IMM’ers LIVE and in person? 

That means you’ll get to go through all of the Instant Miracle techniques LIVE and in person, with me guiding you every step. 

You can make that happen with a small $99 “seat-saver” investment. (This is just to let us know you’re coming. You’ll receive a crisp $100 bill back at the event.)

It’ll be a great getaway if you’re in a cold and snowy area. Plus, there are all kinds of attractions in the area, like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

This is a $10,000-per-head event, but you get to go for FREE virtually since you’re a past attendee of Instant Miracle Mastery II.

So register now and take advantage of this awesome perk, and help me celebrate the 10 year anniversary of IMM!

VIP 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Mixer

Join me in person and come to the VIP Mixer the day before the event as we celebrate 10 years of Instant Miracles together.

It’ll be a great chance to network, and, who knows, you might find your next business partner, joint venture partner, or client.

So, there are a lot of perks to coming to the event in person. But the good news is you don’t need to decide now.

You just need to decide right away if you’re coming at all.

Spaces are limited, and we've only allocated a limited number of these exclusive tickets.

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